Glamdring sword

Glamdring FOE-hammer and the beater

Glamdring, also known as the Foe-hammer and the Beater, was crafted as a hand-and-a-half sword. Its origins date back to the First Age when it was forged specifically for Turgon F.A. 116 - F.A. 496 , the Elven King of Gondolin. Centuries later, this illustrious sword came into the possession of the renowned wizard Gandalf.



The iconic Glamdring sword, wielded by Gandalf the Grey, in the rich lore of Middle-earth. This legendary weapon, adorned with Elvish inscriptions and imbued with magical properties, holds a significant place in Tolkien's universe. Gandalf stumbled upon Glamdring within the treacherous Misty Mountains, where it lay concealed among the dragon's hoard. With bravery and determination, Gandalf claimed the sword, using it to combat evil forces. Join us as we delve into the history of Glamdring and Gandalf's heroic exploits, uncovering the timeless legacy of this revered blade.

Gandalf the grey | LOTR


Forged in the ancient days of Middle-earth by the skilled hands of the High Elves of Gondolin, Glamdring bears the mark of unparalleled craftsmanship and magical prowess. It was crafted during a time of great strife and upheaval, when the forces of darkness threatened to engulf the realms of Middle-earth. Guided by the renowned sword-smiths of Gondolin, Glamdring was meticulously fashioned to be a weapon of unmatched beauty and power, its gleaming blade resonating with the essence of Elvish skill and wisdom. As we journey through the history of Glamdring, we uncover the secrets of its creation and the profound significance of its makers, whose craftsmanship has stood the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of Middle-earth's lore.

Gondolin the hidden city of elves

Before it found its way into the hands of Gandalf the Grey, Glamdring passed through the annals of history, wielded by heroes and champions who dared to defy the darkness. Among its most renowned wielders was Turgon, the wise and valiant King of Gondolin, who bore Glamdring into battle against the forces of Morgoth during the First Age. With the radiant blade of Glamdring at his side, Turgon led his people in the defense of their hidden city, inspiring hope and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. As we trace the lineage of Glamdring's wielders, we uncover tales of bravery and sacrifice that have immortalized this legendary sword in the annals of Middle-earth.

Turgon The king of Gondolin

Glamdring isn't just any sword—it's a magical weapon with special powers that make it stand out in Middle-earth, its blade shines brightly, lighting up dark places and helping its wielder see clearly. But that's not all; Glamdring is also incredibly strong and sharp, making it a formidable tool in battle. Plus, it seems to protect whoever holds it, keeping them safe from harm. So, when someone swings Glamdring, it's not just a sword—it's a symbol of hope and strength against evil. As we learn more about Glamdring, we uncover the incredible magic and bravery behind this legendary weapon.

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