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Ranger Aragorn Andruil Sword Strider - Lord of the Rings Collectible

Ranger Aragorn Andruil Sword Strider - Lord of the Rings Collectible

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Step into the realm of Middle-earth legend with our exclusive Aragorn Sword, an impeccable Anduril replica crafted for true fans. This Strider's sword, standing at an impressive 45 inches in length with a 36-inch blade and a 9-inch handle, faithfully captures the essence of the King's iconic weapon. As a meticulously designed LOTR sword replica, it embodies the heroic spirit of the King. Crafted with precision, this Tolkien collectible sword is a must-have Middle-earth replica weapon for any enthusiast.

Indulge your passion for heroic fantasy with this Aragorn cosplay prop, ideal for cosplay events, display, or even theatrical productions. Our fast shipping ensures swift delivery, allowing you to wield the Sword of the King with pride and authenticity sooner than you think.

This King Elessar sword pays homage to the Sword of Gondor and the Dúnedain, symbols of Aragorn's noble lineage and unwavering courage. Whether displayed in your home or added to your collection of LOTR memorabilia, it serves as a tangible connection to the epic tales of Middle-earth.

Embrace the legend of Aragorn's legendary blade, the Sword of the heir of Isildur, a formidable Middle-earth warrior sword that echoes the bravery of its wielder. Treat yourself or a loved one to this Aragorn movie prop, the perfect LOTR fan gift for those who revere the noble ranger's sword.


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